Florentine Mandolin for George Gleason

Here is what he had to say after we delivered: Eric, CONGRATULATIONS, the mandolin is PERFECT! You nailed the tone I was looking for, after about six hours of playing last night all I wanted to do was play six more!! The ability to speak through my music has taken a GIANT step forward as [...]

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6-string Violin for Daniel Bernard Roumain

Here is a recently completed 6 string violin . This is the second of these built to Carleen Hutchings drawing for the mezzo violin with a few changes to accommodate the 6 strings. Constructed for Daniel Bernard Roumain, the instrument has an African Princess peghead carving and includes our new redesigned Aceto/Violect pickup system. Check [...]

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6-string Mezzo Violin for Ljova Zhurbin

Our first 6 string Mezzo violin was recently completed and is now in the capable hands of the wonderful Ljova Zhurbin who is fast becoming at home with it and already making recordings exploring the huge range of the instrument (E,A,D,G,C,F). Check out his baby naming journal at http://thesoupasonic.livejournal.com/21808.html. This instrument is the next generation [...]

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10 string Octave Mandolin Completed For Stuart Allen

For Stuart Allen Jordan and I have also just completed work on this custom 10 string Octave Mandolin for Stuart Allen, a musician from our own hometown of Ithaca. Red Spruce top and Stevensoni Rosewood back and sides. The thing roars. It is nice to have one of our babies here on the local scene [...]

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Completed 6 String NV

Here is a look at recently completed 6 string NV. Built for Dan Trueman, Assistant Professor of Music at Princeton University (http://music.princeton.edu/~dan ) . Dan explains, "I teach composition and electronic music here, and my dissertation was titled Reinventing the Violin, where I talk specifically about some of the issues that your instrument addresses." He [...]

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