Completed 6 String NV

Here is a look at recently completed 6 string NV. Built for Dan Trueman, Assistant Professor of Music at Princeton University ( ) . Dan explains, "I teach composition and electronic music here, and my dissertation was titled Reinventing the Violin, where I talk specifically about some of the issues that your instrument addresses." He [...]

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The Dojo

This was a fun one we recently finished for Andrew Farnsworth, guitarist and mover and shaker for the band Mectapus, one of my own musical projects. Check out the web site at for some samples of the NV violin and Oneida guitar on disc. They are also touring around the east this summer so [...]

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Dan Hoffman Leaves ISI

After many fun, productive and exciting years together, Dan Hoffman has left ISI to focus on his own violin making. That was a good run Dan we wish you the very best. His excellent and capable handiwork can still be found in some of our instruments. Particularly in the fine varnish work found on our [...]

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Alex “Wolfie” Obert’s Bass Nears Completion!

Another long term project nearing completion is a wearable upright bass we've been working on for an excellent musician Alex "Wolfie" Obert. This thing has been a long time comin` and it's been, I'll say. a challenge all the way.Here are some pictures we took in the shop just before he picked it up.It has [...]

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Aceto Develops Inventive Sound

Hidden in the countryside near Trumansburg is one of Tompkins County's greatest treasures. No, it's not Taughannock Falls. It's Ithaca Stringed Instruments, a musical instrument workshop with handiwork played all over the world by famous musicians such as Jean-Luc Ponty and Jerry Goodman. Eric Aceto co-founded Ithaca Stringed Instruments with his friend Dan Hoffman - [...]

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Ithaca Stringed Instruments is Online at

This is the spot where I get to talk about all the behind the scenes stuff. First I want to thank J. Mendelson for doing his thing so well and making it fun at the same time. As some of you are reading this may know, lately we've been mostly concentrating on the fine tuning [...]

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A Dynamic Unit: The NV Electric Violin

From Strings Magazine September/October 1998 In this article, Darol reviews the NV violin. These days, there's an embarrassment of riches in the multifarious and whimsical shapes available that can be played like a violin. Just about any form that can be fitted under the chin and bowed is now available to the adventurous fiddler. And [...]

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