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Welcome to Ithaca Stringed Instruments

ISI has been building exquisite violins, violas, cellos, mandolins and custom guitars for more than 30 years.

Instruments from ISI feature the finest tone woods, the highest quality fittings and hardware & the unique ISI Pickup System.Although amplified acoustic instruments are ISI’s specialty,our pure acoustic instruments are unsurpassed for tone & playability.

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Introducing the Redesigned ISI Pickup

Check Out The ISI Pickup

In response to my customers, who loved the amplified sound of my standard pickup and who were asking for a system that had negligible effect on the instrument acoustically, I have redesigned the standard pickup to have a narrower foot width and a more solid structure .

Using high quality bridge blanks and well aged Bosnian bridge wood, the top portion is carefully mortised and firmly fixed into the base which houses the two sensors. This two-piece construction enables me to place the pickups exactly where I want in relation to the feet, giving the best response and most open tone while still holding up acoustically.

The ISI Pickup

Our Instruments

Instruments from ISI feature the finest tone woods, the highest quality fittings and hardware & the unique ISI Pickup System. Although amplified acoustic instruments are ISI’s specialty, our pure acoustic instruments are unsurpassed for tone & playability.

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Guitar tops of aged, air dried spruce or cedar are coupled with backs and sides of maple, mahogany, koa, rosewood or walnut to fashion a handmade steel or nylon strung instrument.

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The ISI mandolin utilizes the same design principles and techniques as our bowed instruments. Available in all mandolin family scale lengths and 8 or 10 string configurations.

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From the beginning, ISI has been focused on developing an amplified sound that retains and projects all the subtlety and nuance for which the traditional violin is known.

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ISI offers custom options that make an instrument truly one of a kind. Peg head carving (on the bowed instruments), inlay, and decorative options are also available.

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What’s New at Ithaca Stringed Instruments

Recent projects, information and blog posts

New Violins

January 18th, 2012|0 Comments

Here are some pics of several new violins delivered this year . All of Sitka Spruce and one piece Big Leaf Maple back and sides. This combination is giving consistently great results with a sweet [...]

5-String Artist for Ricardo Ramirez

February 11th, 2011|0 Comments

Ricardo Ramirez has just received his new 5 string Artist. I have taken his 5 string NV in trade which is an opportunity for some lucky person to get a great instrument . Here is [...]

5-string NV For Roman Gnielinski

November 22nd, 2010|0 Comments

Here is a 5 string NV recently completed for Roman Gnielinski. With Bachus on the peghead and fit with Chuck Herin's marvelous "pegheads". Another interesting project.


“I have been looking for years for a 5-string violin that sounds good acoustically and that sounds closest to a real violin when used with a pickup . This new 5-string made by Eric for me is exactly what I was looking for so many years, an instrument that sounds great in both contexts.”


? Jean Luc Ponty

French virtuoso violinist and jazz composer

“I keep my ISI real handy, all the time.”


David Torn

Guitarist, Producer

“When I got my first NV, a process began that allowed me to reach sounds I had been trying to express for years.”

Zack Brock