After a couple of years of experimentation I am ready to announce my new pickup/ mic system for violin. This simple, reliable and great sounding dual system fits to any violin with no extra clamps or wires. The pickup is my deluxe bridge pickup ,using only the finest 3tree Despaiu or comperable bridge blanks.

The electret mic floats over the instrument on an adjustable yet stable arm. and was chosen , from most of the capsules available, for it’s clarity , response, feedback supression and ability to match well with the pickup.

The chin rest mounted stereo jack has the pickup wired to the tip and the mic to the ring. Just take the fiddle from it’s case , plug in and ready to go. You can still use a mono cable to just use the pickup alone .
Please get in touch if you would like more info.

For the best in preamplification, I highly recommend the Grace design Felix preamp.