What our clients and customers have said about their Ithaca Stringed Instruments.

I have been looking for years for a 5-string violin that sounds good acoustically and that sounds closest to a real violin when used with a pickup . This new 5-string made by Eric for me is exactly what I was looking for so many years, an instrument that sounds great in both contexts.
Jean Luc Ponty, Violinist
… the ISI guitars are a player’s dream, what with their unusually balanced tone, their happy response to altered tunings, their pre-eminent playability and impeccable craftsmanship … combined with the instruments’ outright sexiness & the fact that they maintain their exceptional tone when amplified *real* loud, well, jeez: what else might ya need? I keep my ISI real handy, all the time …
.. the Oneida has made it possible to have a warm, natural acoustic guitar sound onstage at a loud volume… The neck feels wonderful and it plays like a dream. It has changed my whole approach to playing live acoustic guitar …
Tommy Malone, The Subdudes
When I got my first NV, a process began that allowed me to reach sounds I had been trying to express for years.
Zach Brock, Violinist
…a new instrument that, tonally, is as far beyond other electric violins as a $40,000 modern instrument is beyond the factory fiddle you played in high school.
Darol Anger, Fiddler
Just loving this great instrument, so glad I took the plunge.
Dennis Monroe
I have decided to purchase the violin. After playing it for a week, there’s no way I can pack it up and send it back to you! …The instrument is really incredible. The tone is worlds beyond the other electric violins that I’ve played. It’s going to push my playing to a whole new level, and I’m really excited to get there! Thanks for your great work on this instrument.
Ben Lively
The NV is by far the best amplified violin I’ve played. It has the good tone qualities and feel of my classical violin, without the problems associated with amplifying it to high volumes …..I’m sure going to enjoy this fiddle
Brian English

“Got your ISI pickup installed on my violin today and tried it out with my Fishman Loudbox amplifier. Wow!!! That’s the most impressive pick up I’ve ever played through – by far and away. I set the treble, mid range and bass flat and it sounds absolutely fantastic. I’ve never come even close to that before. You have got this thing figured out for sure. Could not be more impressed!
Keep up the good work.”

Frank Fitch

“My NV has been unbelievable in the last year that I’ve owned it. It’s a subtle thing …I don’t even really think about my tone much anymore because it’s exactly what I want it to be. I didn’t realize how much I was fighting my old electrics to make them sound like the NV! Thanks again. I’ve ditched all my old EQ equipment — after a year of leaving it flat all the time, I realized the instrument doesn’t need any help from me.”

Ben Lively

“I’ve tried more than a few electric violins, solid body and acoustic and also pickups on an acoustic violin and your NV really is a marvel. It’s got sweet tone, balance and it sounds like a violin. That’s very important to me because I play mostly ethnic, folk traditions which only sound nice with an organic, acoustic string sound. I love the instrument, it feels perfect and looks incredible too.”

Gordon Assadi

“….I played it yesterday at the world premier of Arctic Requiem, my newest performance piece, and it’s tone was superior to any other electric violin I’ve ever played!…”

Ritsu Katsumata

“I am very pleased with the NV and would like to keep it. It has a beautiful tone throughout the entire range of the instrument, acoustic or amplified.”

John Carlucci

“I bought an electric violin from you over 10 years ago and am still enjoying it. Just yesterday at a studio gig the people were very impressed with how well it recorded. It has also been very reliable through various live sound situations. Its always fun to play. How nice to buy something that lasts! ”

Lida Bringe

“Got the instruments on Thursday. Incredible! They look like nothing on this earth, and they sound fabulous. I’m especially pleased with how the mandola turned out. The mahogany body works extremely well, giving the instrument a sharp clear sound, with all the wonderful ambient character the wood is capable of imparting. I was initially a bit nervous about straying away from maple, but I’m very happy that we did this. The feel of that instrument is as much a delight to the hands, as its sleek curves are to the eye. They are a truly unique pair, and I’m exceedingly grateful for the energy and care you put into them. ? Again, many thanks for a great job.”

Rich Shapero

“I’m in love with my new pick-up–! Finally, I can play the violin that I love, with a loud band,and still have the tone and nuance that I want at high volume. Thank you so much–this is light years beyond every thing else that’s out there!”

Matt Glaser; Chair,string dept,Berkeley College of Music

“I’ve been meaning to tell you again just how much I’ve enjoyed playing my violin with the pickup you installed – all the amplification issues I was having with feedback, tone problems, and unevenness of sound quality all went away, and I have this great time now with the sound. I feel like you are this treasure chest of knowledge from all your years of experience in developing just the right pickup, that the rest of us get to benefit from, and what a blessing it is to me! Thank you SO much for your integrity, attention to sound quality, and caring.”

Mer Boel

“I used the pickup last Thursday night at a local restaurant where I play with a guitar player – the most natural sounding electric I have ever heard. I then used it with the VERY LOUD band (the fiftymen) that I play with and it was unbelievable – great natural sound, REALLY RICULOUSLY LOUD and no feedback problems at all – a completely new experience for me. I’ll be recommending to everyone I know that they replace their existing pickups and make the world a better place.

Keith Snider

“The pickup is marvelous! I love it! It really conveys the true sound of the instrument with a rich , full sound. I am thrilled!”

Skip Parente

“……..I love this pickup,and it’s by far the best I’ve ever used..”

Kaoru Ishibashi

“This is a bridge pickup obviously created by working musicians. The replaceable upper portion of the bridge is a great idea. Mostly though, the response of the pickup is superior to any bridge that can be used acoustically.”

Stacy Phillips

“After a couple of months I would like to report that Your Pick-Up is really working fabulous. It exceeded all my expectation by far.”

Harald Schillinger

“…I thought I’d drop you a note and let you know how awesome my pickup sounded Sat. night!!!! ……I’m so glad I found you !!!….

Carol Simek

“The rig sounds great .Don’t think I could be more pleased. Thanks for the fast shipping. ”

Tim Brogan

“i’ve been enjoying my new pickup a lot. the sound of the original instrument remains largely intact, and amplifies very nicely.”

Dan Trueman

“I´ve had 7 years of use with my Ithaca violin, and really it was the best decision I ever made in my life, I used it on many important tours of the US and Europe, we won three grammies and I recorded 6 albums with this violin!”

Ricardo Ramirez

“….Want to let you know that we did receive the pickup on time and had a good tech install it. It sounds great, and we’re very pleased.”

Richard Blackwel

“…..the sound I’ve been chasing all of these years. Just perfect. I’m very happy with everything. Thank you”

Zach Brock

Dear Eric I am overwhelmed with the beauty of this instrument and in awe of your artistry and brilliance. The sound this instrument makes is so gorgeous- and i already feel such ease playing it, even after just these 3 days. It is perfection. I am so fortunate, i truly cannot find words adequate to express my joy and gratitude to you.

Jen Morgo

My double-0 style rosewood guitar continues to amaze me. in the short time since its completion, the sound of this instrument has rapidly developed that incredible “boom” so loved in early Martins of this type. it is a truly beautiful instrument that I turn to daily for inspiration. wow; thanks!

Robbie Aceto

Your bridge pickup made my instrument so easy to play on the first gig I had with it tonight. The dynamic range and ability to solo high on the e string amaze me. For the first time the response is even across the strings. The color of the sound is deep and varied. Thank you so much!

Paul Patterson

I want to thank you for a beautiful instrument you made for me! It has such a beautiful warm sound that I been searchin for a long,long time.I couldnt believe my ears when I heard the sound from the pick up.It really sounds like a real violin.Thank you one more time for this inspiring instrument!

Marko Ramljak

What a great instrument! I can’t keep my hands off of it. I’m having a hard time focusing on work because I keep wanting to get it out and play on it. My finger tips are starting to get tender-feeling from going at it again and again. Suffice it to say, I really like this fiddle. Great sound, great feel, great playability, and so cool looking.

Chris Hoskins

Finally got pickup on today and was very pleased with the sound. It sounds exactly like my acoustic sound…only louder, which is what I wanted originally. None of the distortion or buzzing of other pickups. Will certainly recommend you to all, as others recommended you to me.

James Steele

Thanks Eric! I am very happy with this violin you made for me.Thank you for this amazing instrument!

Marko Ramljack in Croatia

Hi Eric, Unbelievable, even the acoustic tone of my violin improved, the pickup sounds fabulous, it really sounds like my violin, very clear, all registers, it’s exactly the sound I want, which is the sound of my violin, imagine that! Thanks so much for making such a great pickup! …I just can’t stop playing! once more, this is so great, I almost want to cry, it’s like I discovered my sound!

Eddie Parente in Porland Oregon

Congratulations ! The sound is far superior to any pick-ups I used, and I’ve tried almost all known brands. Thank you again!

Oleg Ponomarev

I want to thank you again – this is the best pickup in the world. And your service is excellent. I all the time send my colleagues to your site.

Gershon Leizerson