Our Instruments

Handcrafted one at a time, the amplified and acoustic instruments created by the luthiers of ISI draw upon the rich heritage of American Luthiers, mixed with a sensitive amalgam of modern technologies. This unique line of instruments have the grace & feel of classics with the performance and sound of truly modern masterworks.


Tops of aged, air dried spruce or cedar are coupled with backs and sides of maple, mahogany, koa, rosewood or walnut to fashion a steel or nylon strung.?

  • Flat Tops (oo and ooo size, Oneida), Arch Tops, Oneida Jazz, 16″ Arch Top


From the beginning we have focused on developing an amplified sound that retains and projects all the subtlety and nuance for which the traditional violin is known.

  • Acoustic 4 and 5 string, Amplified 4,5 and 6 string


For the mandolin player who is seeking beauty , nuance & response . The ISI mandolin utilizes the same design principles & techniques as our bowed instruments. Available in all mandolin family scale lengths and 8 or 10 string configurations.

  • Mandolins, Mandolas, Octave Mandolins, Mandocello


Custom Instruments

ISI offers custom options that make an instrument truly one of a kind. Peg head carving (on the bowed instruments), inlay, and decorative options are also available. We enjoy working with our clients to create these unique instruments, geared towards the specific needs of the customer.

  • Built to order!

The ISI Pickup

Using high quality bridge blanks and well aged Bosnian bridge wood, the top portion is carefully mortised and firmly fixed into the base which houses the two sensors. This two-piece construction enables me to place the pickups exactly where I want in relation to the feet, giving the best response and most open tone while still holding up acoustically.

  • Aceto/Violect pickup for violin 6 or 7 string, Aceto/Violect pickup for viola, Aceto/Violect pickup for cello, Aceto/Violect pickup for mandolin family