Here is a demo of the pickup/mic system with this 6-string violin. and info on what you are listening to, at what time in the recording:

Intro and First A section (Intro & 1A1) 00:00-00:52
Room Mic (AES R84) only.

Second A section (1A2) 00:52-01:22
On-board Violin Mic only.

B Section (B) 01:22-1:51
Violin PU only.

Third A Section (1A3)  1:51-2:28
On-board Violin Mic and On-board Violin PU only.

2nd time through the form:

First A section (2A1) 2:28-3:11:
All 3 violin channels together; On-board Mic, On-board PU and Room Mic (AES R84).

About the recording:

The session was recorded using Pro Tools HD Native v. 12.8.2

@ 96 KHz-24 bits at the Watershed Arts studio in Ithaca NY. The 2-track master was sample-rate-reduced and dithered down to a CD-quality WAV file @ 44.1KHZ-16 bits. The Violin Mic & PU were recorded through 2 channels of a UA 4-710d preamp. The AES R84 was recorded through an AEA RPQ 500 preamp.  Guitar, electric bass, percussion, recording and mastering by Doug Robinson,