Eric Aceto, longtime luthier and developer of pickups for acoustic instruments, is offering a new version of his Aceto/Violect violin pickup featuring an onboard, chin rest–mounted volume control and improved placement of the pickup elements. On the new version, twin piezo crystals are mounted in a two-piece bridge. The top portion of the bridge is made from Aubert Mirecourt “Luxe” or “Deluxe” blanks that can be shaped to suit the violin.The lower section, where the piezo pickup crystal is placed, is high-quality Bosnian bridge wood.

“The reason for the two-piece construction is so I can place the pickup exactly where I want it in relation to the feet, giving the best response and most open tone while still holding up acoustically,” Aceto says.

He offers three versions: one wired to a 1/4-inch jack with ebony bracket; a slightly pricier model with an RCA connector unobtrusively mounted in a Guarneri chin rest; and the top-of-the-line model with 1/4-inch, chin rest–mounted jack and new easy-to-reach volume control on the treble side of the chin rest—very handy for giving a volume boost when it is time to solo.

Aceto says that the update is “in response to my customers, who loved the amplified sound of my standard pickup, asking for a system that had negligible effect on the instrument acoustically and was unobtrusive.” This new model gives a more natural sound than any of the piezo violin pickups that I have tried, without that annoying bow-attack “thunk.” Highly recommended.

Aceto also offers custom fittings for players with particular demands. Bridges should be installed professionally.


Stacy Phillips