This instrument has been one of the most interesting projects I have had in recent years. Finally complete, It has been two years since Jimmy first contacted me. Thru conversations and emails I feel like we have been partners in the creation of this unique and very special instrument.

“Peacemaker” has lots of interesting features. Built on the Mezzo violin frame, it has 7 strings from hi E to the low Bb. The Lion with the Lamb peghead holds custom made Boxwood and Titanium Peghead geared tuners made by Chuck Herin (If you do not know about these incredibly wonderfull pegs , you should check them out.)

Sample Recordings (mp3 format) were recorded into a zoom H2 recorder from 1 meter

The back , sides and neck are from a stunning piece of Big Leaf Maple that grew in the pacific northwest near Jimmy’s home. The top is very fine old growth Sitka Spruce salvaged from a defunct railroad trestle in British Colombia. The tailpiece is constructed of Turkish Boxwood with a laminated fingerboard of a spruce core and a boxwood veneer.

A Moldovite crystal was fixed to the end of the fingerboard at Jimmy’s request. The instrument is fit with a custom 7 string Aceto/Violect pickup with the 1/4″ jack and volume control mounted in the boxwood ,Flesch style chinrest. It can roar like a lion and speak as gently as a lamb.

Thanks and gratitude to Jimmy for his faithful patience while we worked it out. We will get some soundfiles of the instrument up soon.