Here is a look at recently completed 6 string NV. Built for Dan Trueman, Assistant Professor of Music at Princeton University ( ) .

Dan explains, “I teach composition and electronic music here, and my dissertation was titled Reinventing the Violin, where I talk specifically about some of the issues that your instrument addresses.” He also has a new CD out of some very interesting music on Hardanger fiddle, six string violin and guitar. Check him out at .

This is what Dan had to say when he received his new violin: ” I am just thrilled with it. It sounds just terrific. I have it going through my new sound system (hemisphere) and I don’t have to do *any* eq at all (i’m used to spending hours with a 32-band eq). It is rich, full, even, and enormously interesting to play. the range of articulation possibilities is *so* much greater than with my solid-body. the high string is clear and strong, and the low string is responsive (not thubby). also, it *feels* terrific. The neck and action are perfect, and I am surprised by how light it is. The angled bridge is right on as well — tuning across the strings feels very natural. Finally, it is *beautiful*. a work of art. looks sorta like a gamba, with the large fingerboard and 6 strings. i’ve already been showing it off, and everyone is very impressed by the craft.”

Thanks Dan, another satisfied customer makes it worth the effort. Geepers , now I think I’ll have to make one for myself.