After many fun, productive and exciting years together, Dan Hoffman has left ISI to focus on his own violin making.

That was a good run Dan we wish you the very best. His excellent and capable handiwork can still be found in some of our instruments. Particularly in the fine varnish work found on our violins. His own beautifully crafted violins and violas are beginning to show up in a few of the finer violin shops both here and in Europe.

With Dan’s stepping down , my son Jordan has begun to fill his very big shoes in the ISI workshop. At 26 years of age he already possesses a fine eye and steady hand. His careful and meticulous work is found in all aspects of our instruments. He is also a fine instrumentalist. Playing guitars of his own construction with the Sim Redmond Band and with Thousands of One. He is a veteran of several Japanese tours with SRB and is scheduled to tour in Hawaii this february.