Here are some pics of several new violins delivered this year . All of Sitka Spruce and one piece Big Leaf Maple back and sides. This combination is giving consistently great results with a sweet and full tone.

The first was for Judith Bichai from Montreal. The requested “Daisy” peghead was an interesting twist on a standard scroll.

Another was for Shawn Bailey, a great nashville musician who wanted a tribute to his father who recently retired from the fire department.

And finally, a 5 string mezzo violin was recently completed for Bruce Young. ? A great sounding instrument. I really like this larger size for the 5 and 6 string instruments.

Shawn_Bailey_4 Shawn_Bailey_3 Shawn_Bailey_2 Shawn_Bailey_1 Judith_Bichai_3 Judith_Bichai_2 Judith_Bichai_1 Bruce_Young_3 Bruce_Young_2