ISI featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine

An Oneida guitar we built some many years ago is reviewed in this months "Great Acoustics" feature in Acoustic Guitar Magazine. Built by Eric Aceto and Dan Hoffman in 1989 it was one of several of these that are out there in the world . It is great to see an instrument of ours from [...]

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Upcoming Price Increases – Order your Instrument Today

After very many years of holding firm on pricing. Ithaca Stringed Instruments is implementing an across the board price increase. In an effort to accommodate you folks who may have been on the fence or are contemplating ordering an instrument sometime this year, I will hold prices as they are now for all orders taken [...]

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7-String Mezzo Violin For Jimmy be Free

This instrument has been one of the most interesting projects I have had in recent years. Finally complete, It has been two years since Jimmy first contacted me. Thru conversations and emails I feel like we have been partners in the creation of this unique and very special instrument. "Peacemaker" has lots of interesting features. [...]

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Aceto/Violect Violin Pickup

Eric Aceto, longtime luthier and developer of pickups for acoustic instruments, is offering a new version of his Aceto/Violect violin pickup featuring an onboard, chin rest–mounted volume control and improved placement of the pickup elements. On the new version, twin piezo crystals are mounted in a two-piece bridge. The top portion of the bridge is [...]

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